Our Core Values

At Paternoster School we ensure that every pupil is part of our safe, caring, respectful and vibrant community, where they are provided with diverse opportunities and high-quality teaching and learning. We believe that all pupils should have meaningful, personalised pathways and choices throughout their school years, so their needs and aspirations are met.

Our curriculum has an emphasis on developing communication skills and independence, skills for living and for life, and enrichment. This provides excellent opportunities for our pupils to be included in, and contribute to the wider community, instilling a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

Our Ethos

To support our pupils to be effective communicators who can express themselves in their preferred communication mode, make choices and has the right to contribute, belong and be heard.

  • To provide a meaningful, happy, and secure learning environment in which pupils develop their abilities and make progress according to their individual needs.
  • To forge positive working relationships with parents and carers and encourage a partnership between home and school at each stage of school life.
  • To develop an inclusive and creative curriculum so our pupils are successful young people who enjoy learning and make outstanding progress.
  • To maximise all learning opportunities and develop confident individuals who take a full part in activities within the school and the community.
  • To equip pupils with valuable life skills, positive behavioural and self-regulation skills to enable them to achieve to their highest.
  • To promote Relationships and Sex Education, PSHE and Citizenship, Fundamental British Values as part of SMSC, Cultural Capital, Personal Development, Anti-Bullying, and mutual respect.
  • To promote independence and life-long learners who leave school equipped for the adult world whether in employment, education or supported living.

What we do

Employ well trained staff who offer unique teaching and learning experiences.

  • Provide close liaison and partnership with parents and carers.
  • Closely monitor our curriculum plans and ensuring creative and innovative approaches to teaching.
  • Provide individual teaching, small groups, and whole class sessions where the pupils can benefit from interaction with peers and develop skills required to engage effectively within a group.
  • Deliver successful teaching/therapeutic interventions that are judged on their impact and swift response to pupil needs as required.
  • Partner with other specialist professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Parent Support Workers, Social Care, Educational Psychologists, Health Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, Continence Services, Transition Coordinators and Respite Providers.
  • Provide a programme of offsite activities, visits and cultural experiences providing many opportunities for broader experience and generalisation of communication and behavioural skills vital for successful integration into and enjoyment of the wider community.
  • Carefully plan and support transition into new classes and when moving on from the school.
  • Promote continuous professional development for all staff in the school, to ensure that Paternoster School provides the best education and care for pupils.
  • Ensure an inclusive whole school approach to self-evaluation and school development planning, creating a culture of continuous improvement and forward thinking.

Paternoster School is part of the SAND Academies Trust:

We take our responsibility for the education, safety and wellbeing of children and young people very seriously and are committed to playing our part in developing a quality educational provision across Gloucestershire, and beyond.

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